DPI’s professional staff consists of land surveyors, GIS analysts, civil & traffic engineers, landscape architects, planners and support personnel, most of whom hold professional degrees in engineering, landscape architecture, community planning, land surveying, business administration, or natural resources. We have licensed professional engineers, professional land surveyors, and  landscape architects on staff, some of which are LEED accredited professionals, ensuring we always design our projects with high regard for the environment.  We are licensed to provide civil engineering and land surveying services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, while we offer landscape architecture services in Connecticut and Massachusetts.


DPI’s diversity of projects coupled with our staff’s experience and expertise enables us to successfully manage projects of any size, providing clients with the professional service they deserve.  Our history combined with our staff’s involvement in the community has led to an extremely high rate of success for regulatory approvals at the local and state levels.

Anne A. DeMallie
Principal & CEO

Ms. DeMallie holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture) from the University of Massachusetts. Since helping found the company in 1986, she has worked her way through the business to become majority owner, where she manages the staff and makes corporate decisions. 

Benjamin P. Wheeler, PLA
Director of Operations
Benjamin P. Wheeler, PLA
Director of Operations

Mr. Wheeler utilizes his diverse experience in the site design fields to serve as the company's Director of Operations, coordinating the daily operations of the company. In this position, he is also responsible for the internal coordination of projects between the different departments as well as general client interaction. Mr. Wheeler is a CLARB Certified Landscape Architect and a licensed Landscape Architect in the states of Connecticut and Ohio, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Peter R. DeMallie
President & Principal 

Following a decade of experience as a public sector urban planner, Mr. DeMallie was instrumental in founding Design Professionals, Inc. Mr. DeMallie utilizes his extensive planning experience to assist in managing the firm's staff of professionals, facilitating project applications and coordination for numerous governmental, industrial, residential, commercial and institutional development projects throughout southern New England.  

Suzanne P. Choate, P.E. 
Senior Project Manager / Director

As a senior project manager, Ms. Choate uses her experience, including working in a municipal engineering department and serving on a Planning & Zoning Commission, for the conceptual planning and design of various land development projects, including industrial and residential subdivisions, shopping centers, streets, drainage systems, utility lines, septic systems, and similar developments.  She also makes presentations before municipal land use regulatory agencies, including zoning, planning, sewer, and wetlands commissions.  Ms. Choate is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. 

Lawrence R. Geissler, Jr., L.S.
Director of Surveying

Mr. Geissler manages the survey department at Design Professionals, including field crews and office technicians, utilizing over 40 years of experience in the land surveying and mapping fields. He is responsible for reviewing and signing all survey maps as well as overseeing land record research and the collection of field data using conventional, GPS, and VRN survey technologies and our Digital Surface Modeling services. Mr. Geissler is a licensed Land Surveyor in the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Stanley Kryla, L.S. 
Deputy Director of Surveying

Utilizing over 25 years of experience in the surveying field, Mr. Kryla is Design Professionals' Deputy Director of Surveying and Senior Crew Chief. He assists the Director of Surveying in the management of the department and oversees the activities of all our survey field staff. Mr. Kryla is a licensed Land Surveyor in the State of Connecticut and the country of Poland. 

Barry D. Clarke, L.S.
Senior Project Manager
Daniel H. Jameson, P.E.
Project Manager
Rebecca Shinkoff